Home eternal Hope

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016


Im here still waiting for you
Eternal hope 
I know you are there for me
But maybe i wont find my dear love
Ive seen you in so many faces
Ive heard your voice in the echoes of the wind
You are so close and so far
You embrace me in my dreams
When it rains i always think about you
Because i cry under the drops and no one knows
This could be a love letter to nobody
But i know that you cry too and you dont find your place in this world
im that lil skynny girl 
That strange poet who dont belong
The one who seeks the perfect of imperfection
All i wanna know is how find a way to reach your thoughts
We both are dreambound for life
Fallen angels waiting for wings to fly
They call us insane we are not
Just unknow heroes who learnt how to survive
Please wait for me and if we never meet
I know theres a place for us
I will light a candle for you everyday
Love you forever dont vanish my beloved all 
you are my soul you are where i wanna go
You are my prayer my company
 dont forget me wethever you are 
you are my home