Destroyed Violin

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016


dancing under a hypnotic storm
while my imagination dreams with your eyes
i melt with the water drops
bittersweet melody
the rain shows me your sweet reflection
 i try to reach you hand
then suddenly it vanish in a wet verse of illusions
the time seems to be frozen 
my clock starts to fail
and your shadow hides 
in the endless dark sky
and i search a piece of your lips
but all vanish under this tears
try to rest in your warm arms
but my  victory loses again 
just clouds in the horizon
just waves of lonliness
just a piece of my broken heart
under this waltz of thunders
and it all falls to the pavement
drowned fantasy
blood of the angels
broken little butterfly
tonight the stars wont shine
tonight the wind wont play with the trees
theres no moon lullabys
only the stormy anger destroyed violin>>